Investing in Portugal: a guide for American expatriates

Portugal, a country located in the far west of Europe, has been attracting more and more American expatriates in recent years. This is because the country offers a pleasant living environment, a mild climate and a relatively affordable cost of living, combined with an advantageous tax system for foreign investors.

If you are considering investing in Portugal, whether to live here or to generate passive income, this guide will provide you with the essential information to help you get started.

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Why invest in Portugal?

The reasons for investing in Portugal are many and varied. Firstly, Portugal is renowned for its beautiful scenery, sandy beaches, charming towns and sunny Mediterranean climate. Secondly, compared with other Western European countries, the cost of living in Portugal is relatively low. This means you can enjoy a high standard of living without breaking the bank.

Portugal offers a number of tax incentive schemes for foreign investors, such as the Non-Habitual Residents (NHR) scheme. This scheme allows expatriates to benefit from a tax exemption on certain types of foreign income for a period of ten years.

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It's worth remembering that the Portuguese property market has been booming in recent years, offering good investment opportunities. Property prices are still relatively affordable, but they are tending to rise steadily.

Finally, Portugal has enjoyed stable economic growth in recent years, making it a safe country in which to invest, and the icing on the cake is that the Portuguese are known for their hospitality and friendliness. You'll quickly feel at home in Portugal. Click here to discover more information.

What are the different options for investing in Portugal ?

There are many ways to invest in Portugal. Here are some of the most popular options.

  • real estate: property investment is one of the most popular options in Portugal. You can buy a house, flat or plot of land to rent out or to live in yourself.
  • equities: you can invest in shares in Portuguese companies listed on the stock exchange;
  • bonds: you can invest in bonds issued by the Portuguese government or by Portuguese companies;
  • investment funds: there are many investment funds that invest in Portuguese assets;
  • companies: You can set up or buy a company in Portugal…

How do you go about investing in Portugal ?

If you're thinking of investing in Portugal, it's important to get informed and do your own research. Here are some tips to help you get started:

Consult a professional

It's important to consult a financial adviser or a lawyer specialising in Portuguese property law before making an investment. They can help you understand the different investment options available and choose the ones that best suit your needs.

Do your research

It's important to do your own research into the Portuguese market and the different investment options available. You can find information online, in books and magazines, or by attending property fairs and investment conferences.

Only invest what you can afford to lose

Remember that any investment involves risk. Only invest money you can afford to lose.

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